Founded at All Saints' Episcopal Church and now living in the diocesan offices, CROSSwalk is an effort of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago to engage people of faith and community organizations in addressing the escalating violence against youth in Chicago. CROSSwalk began as a four-mile procession across the city during the Christian Holy Week in April 2012. The procession brought together 1,500 people from across Chicagoland to remember the more than 800 young people who have been killed since 2008. We held a second procession in March 2013, remembering the youth who had died in the previous year.

We are now moving into a phase of direct action, focusing on providing jobs for at-risk youth and educating communities about the complex issue of gun violence. We will continue to build relationships between people of faith from all walks of life; stand with youth, families and communities affected by violence; and create a world where youth have opportunities and hope for the future.

If your faith community or organization is interested in partnering with us, or if you have questions, contact CROSSwalk.





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